Complete Interior Renovation

East Lancaster Avenue, Villanova

  • The owner wanted a total interior renovation.
  • We demoed the entire shop – wall to wall, floor to ceiling.
  • We made necessary repairs to the floor and some walls.
  • Then, we constructed several new walls.
  • We installed new beer coolers, an ice cream freezer and a dessert cooler.
  • We installed all new cabinetry, counter tops and extensive ceramic tile.
  • We installed all new vinyl flooring and acoustical ceiling tiles.
  • New lighting was installed throughout the space.
  • All new banquettes and bar stools were brought in.
  • And finally, all the old photos and memorabilia were re-framed and re-hung.
  • Check out the custom mural on the wall.
  • This entire renovation was completed in just three weeks!
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