Storm Water Management

  • For Storm Water Management (SWM) an Engineer must be hired to create the drawings
  • We dig trenches from the downspout locations to the storm water facility
  • The trenches are sloped toward the facility to promote drainage
  • Pipes are laid within the trenches to convey the roof water
  • The trenches were then back filled
  • This facility itself, was designed to be completely underground
  • We excavated a pit 70′ x 40′ x 8′ deep
  • The pit was lined with filter fabric and 342 tons of 2B stone were placed 5′ deep
  • A distribution box was constructed in the center of the pit
  • The roof water is piped into the distribution box where it is piped out through the stone
  • A “bubbler”, or overflow was installed
  • The filter fabric was installed over the stone, fill dirt was added, then 6″ of topsoil
  • All the disrupted areas were seeded and mulched
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