Commercial Building Renovation - Philly Soft Pretzel

Bridge Street, Phoenixville, Chester County, PA

  • This is the first floor of a three story row building.
  • The space was a severely neglected wide open area.
  • On 1/3 of the space you could fall through the floor into the basement.
  • The floor joists above sagged 6″ into the basement
  • We jacked the center of the three story building approximately 7″.
  • We installed new steel columns and a steel beam.
  • We lowered the center of the building 1″ onto the new steel beam.
  • Then we began a total reconstruction of the space.
  • This included all new MEPs.
  • We installed all of the new equipment.
  • The cabinetry and countertops were built to specification.
  • We installed all of the finishes.
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