Metal Studding, Drywall Finishing, Ceilings - Naval Air Base

Lakehurst, New Jersey

On this project at Lakehurst Naval Air Base, GBR Construction, Inc. was a subcontractor to the prime general contractor.  GBR Construction, Inc. was awarded the structural metal stud work, the drywall finishing work and the acoustical ceiling work. As you can see by the photos, the metal studwork was extensive and it was all structural gauge steel.  The sepcified gypsum wall board was High Impact, Fire Rated, 5/8″ thick wallboard.  The wallboard was so tough and dense that every piece had to be cut with circular saws.  Even the acoustical ceiling grid and tiles were Fire Rated products.

Our portion of the work took twenty weeks to complete.  We had anywhere from twelve to thirty men on the job at any given day.  Since this was a job sponsored by the Federal Government and the work took place on a Federal Navy Base, we had to adhere to the strictest of conditions.  We had government appointed specialists checking the quality of our work all day, every day.

In the end, our portion of the work was performed on schedule, on budget and approved by the appointed government specialists.

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