Equestrian Outdoor Riding Arena

Chester County, PA

Complete installation of a Custom 120′ x 80′ Outdoor Equestrian Riding Arena in Chester County, PA

This horse arena was a challenging project due to the complex grade of the existing landscape.

Sub Base Construction

  • Drainage was the primary consideration.
  • Filter fabric, clean stone, and perforated pipe were used to create french drains.
  • These french drains are located inside and outside the perimeter of the arena.
  • The final sub base was graded using a laser.
  • We waited for a couple heavy rain storms to ensure there was excellent drainage.

Footing Construction

  • Once the sub base’s ability to drain was confirmed, we then spread 4″ of sand footing.
  • The sand was graded smooth and ready for use.

Retaining Wall Construction

  • Walls were constructed out of railroad ties.
  • At the upper end the walls were constructed to hold the existing earth in place.
  • At the lower end the walls were constructed to hold in the base of the arena.

Finishing Details

  • Fencing and gates were installed and painted to match the existing field fencing.
  • The exterior perimeter of the arena was backfilled to grade.
  • All the disturbed areas were raked, seeded and mulched upon completion of the arena.
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