Basement Finishing

GBR Construction offers complete basement remodeling in one convenient package to our customers.  Our men possess the credentials, knowledge and skills to perform all of the work ourselves, keeping everything in house, resulting in simple one-stop-shopping.

Once the contract has been awarded, GBR Construction provides the drawings, specification, and details to obtain the building permits.  We provide the customer with a schedule for the project.  We also provide the customer with a spreadsheet showing the cost of each item to be installed for the entire project.

GBR Construction typically only requires two payments for the project.  The first payment is due after the rough inspections have been performed.  This gives the customer the confidence that the work is being performed correctly as confirmed by the third party inspectors.  The final payment is due upon completion, after the third party inspectors perform their final inspections and the basement is turned over to you.

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