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Review Construction Documents

GBR will review construction documents and report any concerns, errors or omissions.  Since the construction field is constantly evolving, we strive to continually improve our knowledge of techniques, products and services.  This allows us to construct the best possible project - at the best possible price.

Documents and Contracts

GBR utilizes the industry standard  A.I.A. documents and contracts.  These documents and contracts have been time tested for decades and very little, if any, modifications are ever made to them prior to execution.

Scheduling the Project

GBR will create a schedule that clearly outlines the time that is anticipated to complete each task of the project.  This schedule will begin with the project start date and end with the date of Substantial Completion (which are both reflected in the Contract Documents).

Supervision of the Project

GBR will provide full time, on site supervision throughout the project.  This will assure that all work being performed is in accordance with all codes haveing jurisdiction including all applicable state, city and county building, zoning, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and fire codes.  GBR will coordinate and direct all work to assure that quality control is maintained over the subcontractor, suppliers, manufacturers, products, services and workmanship.  In addition, weekly or bi-monthly on site meetings may be held to review the progress, the budget and to address any questions and/or concerns regarding the project.

Progress Payments

GBR will track all of the individual tasks and their costs with respect to the budget throughout the project via Applications for Payment which will be submitted on a bi-monthly or monthly basis as agreed upon in the Contract Documents.  An initial (non-payable, BASE) Application for Payment will be submitted as part of the Contract Documents prior to the commencement of the work to provide the basis for all future Applications for Payment.

Closing out the Project

Upon achieving Substantial completion, GBR will obtain all final inspections including the Certificate of Occupancy and perform a final walk-through to ensure that you are satisfied with the work.  If there are any outstanding issues, GBR will immediately correct the situation.  Once this is performed, a final cleaning will take place and the project will be complete.

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