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Today, most projects are awarded using the general construction bid-award method where a contractor is selected through a traditional bid process. Usually, the Architect or the Owner will issue a complete set of bid drawings (construction documents) to a group of selected General Contractors. These General Contractors are given a designated period of time to obtain competitive bids from each trade, review and determine which bids they are going to incorporate into their bid, add their costs and finalize the total cost for the project. At the conclusion of the bid phase, a General Contractor is selected. The decision on which General Contractor to use is typically based upon the total cost of the project, as well as, the General Contractor's experience, qualifications, references and the confidence the Architect and/or Owner has in the General Contractors.

Construction Management

Construction Management is a very useful service applicable to a variety of construction projects. It provides the Owner with a partner who has the knowledge, experience and the ability to execute the project. It is a dependable and proven way to ensure that the Owner receives the highest level of service and quality while maintaining strict attention to the schedule and budget constraints. The Construction Manager must be employed at the planning stages of the project. This scenario places the Construction Manager on the same side of the negotiation table as the Owner. Typically, the Construction Manager will hold and administer the contracts with subcontractors, oversee the project and maintain the construction schedule.

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