Removal of 20" of Topsoil
Railroad ties used for retaining walls
Filter Fabric Lined the Earth prior to the wall installation.
Cross Bracing
All walls were back filled with stone.
Fencing to match was installed around the arena.
Sand Footing
Fence was painted to match field fencing.
Corrugated pipe to remove water from the arena.
Arena 24 hours after over 1 inch of rain - there is NO standing water anywhere.
4" of Sand Footing in place
Completed Outdoor Horse Arena

Equestrian Outdoor Riding Arena

Complete installation of a Custom 120' x 80' Outdoor Equestrian Riding Arena in Chester County, PA

This horse arena was a challenging project due to the complex grade of the existing landscape.

Sub Base Construction

      • Drainage was the primary consideration.
      • Filter fabric, clean stone, and perforated pipe were used to create french drains.
      • These french drains are located inside and outside the perimeter of the arena.
      • The final sub base was graded using a laser.
      • We waited for a couple heavy rain storms to ensure there was excellent drainage.

Footing Construction

      • Once the sub base's ability to drain was confirmed, we then spread 4" of sand footing.
      • The sand was graded smooth and ready for use.

Retaining Wall Construction

      • Walls were constructed out of railroad ties.
      • At the upper end the walls were constructed to hold the existing earth in place.
      • At the lower end the walls were constructed to hold in the base of the arena.

Finishing Details

    • Fencing and gates were installed and painted to match the existing field fencing.
    • The exterior perimeter of the arena was backfilled to grade.
    • All the disturbed areas were raked, seeded and mulched upon completion of the arena.


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