Concrete Slab Cutting

Wall sawing is typically performed to create an opening in which a window or door are installed.  We will make the cuts and then pull the block(s) of concrete from the wall.  We dispose of the concrete block(s) in an EPA approved landfill or recycling center.  Our experienced team can cut any size or shape that you require without overcutting.  Do not entrust the foundation of your home to an amateur.

Slab sawing is typically done so that a trench may be dug below the concrete surface.  Slab sawing takes place on exterior sidewalks and driveways; or more often, in a basement during a renovation.  Once the concrete has been removed, plumbers and electricians can perform their work.  We can also remove the concrete slab(s) and dig the trench.  We will dispose of all the debris in an EPA approved landfill or recycling center.

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